Schmidt-Rühl-Str. 24 Hinter­haus

Fully renovated back building
Fully furnished apartments
The Schmidt-Rühl-Str. 24 consists of a front building as well as a home building, which has recently been completely renovated. Now 8 completely furnished and fully equipped micro-apartments have emerged. Through the goalin, you can easily get to the large backyard on which enough bicycle parking spaces and also automotive parking spaces are available. The courtyard was newly created and can be used by all tenants.

The former commercial building was completely delused and the roof renewed, a new staircase built-in, windows and doors exchanged, new parquet floors placed, renewed all electrical and other lines, as well as new bathrooms and kitchens installed. This home has been re-cleaned and a balcony facility grown.

Schmidt-Rühl-Straße 24, 04347 Leipzig

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