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From advising you on your asset’s potential to managing all aspects of your property, our dedicated and experienced team is ready to help turn your property into the most valuable asset in your portfolio.

Always challenge the status quo

Founded in 2016, BLOC is already becoming a major player in the Leipzig property market. With backgrounds in the solar energy business, our founding partners come from a challenging, fast-changing industry that has taught us to think economically, adapt quickly, be proactive and to always question the status quo. We have handpicked experts from the real estate sector to compliment our well-balanced team.

United towards a common goal

To be the best property development company in the market. Landlords, tenants, property managers, hausmeisters, builders, carpenters, painters, architects: all interconnected and all invaluable to one another.

We are allied, we are a BLOC.

Our services

Whether you need someone to look after or add value to your investment, BLOC can take care of your property.


We are currently in the process of setting up our own in-house architecture team to provide exterior and interior design services.


Our in-house team of builders, carpenters, painters can cater to all of your refurbishment and construction needs.


From purchase of the property, through to rentals and sales, our full-service team can take the stress out of your property ownership.