Founded in 2016, BLOC is already becoming a major player in the Leipzig property market. With backgrounds in the solar energy business, our founding partners come from a challenging, fast-changing industry that has taught us to think economically, adapt quickly, be proactive and to always question the status quo. We have handpicked experts from the real estate sector to compliment our well-balanced team.
Our team

Marcus Wolsfeld

CFO, MAAS Investments

Ulrike Rau

Dipl.-Ing. Arch., Specialist Engineer for Construction Project Management

Paul Darling

Julio Casaccia

Anna Lantzsch

Anne-Marie Möhring

Property Management

Theresa Kaminsky

Sarah Trettner

Jana Bouldjediane

Maren Jentzsch

Business Development

Adrian Häußler

Tamador Orabi

Andreas Faden

Construction Supervision

Adrienne Turek

Business Administration

Helene Remler

Our locations

BLOC build GmbH
Hainstr. 6, 04109 Leipzig
Hainstr. 6, 04109 Leipzig
MAAS Investments S.à r.l.
5, Heienhaff, L-1736 Senningerberg, Luxembourg
5, Heienhaff, L-1736 Senningerberg, Luxembourg

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