Naumburger Str. 46

Leipzig, Plagwitz
Living and commercial spaces
The factory-proofing factory will show a contrast between patinated sights and carefully integrated new architectural elements after the upcoming renovation. The environment leaves room for creative ideas and open perspectives. Here, in the future, trends in the food area arise in design, fashion, architecture, innovative technologies and groundbreaking advertising concepts.

The property between the Naumburger Straße 46 and the former railway facilities of the Plagwitzer freight traffic is testimony to the peculiarities of the founding-time residential and industrial architecture Leipzig. Built around the turn of the century, the factory and Kontor building served with the late-history clinker façade since the 30s of the metalworking industry.

Plagwitz is located west of the Leipzig city center and is within a short time. The district convinces with a very well-trained infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, supermarkets and public transport are often located directly in front of the doorstep. The Water City Leipzig shows in Plagwitz from its best side: the Karl Heine Canal and the canal network of the White Elster invite you to extended paddles. Plagwitz is considered the hotspot of the creative scene. Young entrepreneurs and creatives have settled in the district-defining industrial buildings and factory halls and founded a living start-up scene.

Naumburger Str. 46, 04229 Leipzig

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