Melanch­ton­straße 4

Chemnitz, Lutherviertel
Living and commercial spaces
Historical factory building
The conversion, expansion and supplementation takes place the reorganization of the location Melanchtonstraße 4-8. The imposing Kontor and Business Building of the formerly world-famous Circular and Reptile Factory Emil Oskar Richter is the high school. This building is associated with a partially listed side latch. For the existing hall in the area of ​​the courtyard, a conversion is checked and also a street-accompanying new building. All buildings are still unenstated. The start of the renovation work and conversion to loft apartments is provided for 2022.

The former Kontor building is rebuilt into modern loft apartments. Here is a complete renovation necessary. Thereafter, the renovation of the side building is planned, which is also partially listed. For the halls available on the site, we are currently carrying out investigations to find out how they can optimally insert themselves into this building ensemble in the future and what use will be possible here.

The Lutherviertel is the district of Chemnitz with the smallest area and has emerged in the start-up time. Through proximity to the university campus and the center, it is also a sought-after residence for students. The Melanchthonstraße is quiet and below the Lutherkirche.

Melanchthonstraße 4, 09126 Chemnitz

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