Herbart­straße 4

Leipzig, Anger-Crottendorf
Living spaces
Historical corner building newly imagined
These corner buildings from the start-up time was pronounced for a long time. With much to detail, however, it could be reinterpreted, 13 apartments and a commercial unit were created. To meet all needs, a room for bicycles and strollers was set up on the ground floor and an elevator was installed.

In this ruinous corner building, the roof truss was completely removed and renewed. There was a complete renovation in every trade including installation of an elevator. The apartments have been cut newly cut and the attic for three duplex apartments expanded.

Anger-Crottendorf is located in the Leipziger East. The living area of ​​the district is characterized by both start-up buildings and new buildings. Characteristic of Anger-Crottendorf are the numerous small garden facilities as well as the proximity to the Volkspark Stünz. The nearby Leipzig city center can be reached from Herbartstraße 4 in about 10 minutes by car.

Herbartstr. 4

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