Joliot-Curie-Platz 1A

Halle/Saale, Nördliche Innenstadt
Living and commercial spaces
Historical building ensemble
24 apartments and commercial space
A new development from BLOC, this historical building sits in the center of Halle. Close to the landmarks of the opera house and the historical post office, this garden lined location offers luxurious center city living with beauty and character. Bloc will develop a mixture of small to large apartments made with the highest quality materials and paying every detail to this beautiful historical buildiong. Sales will begin in third quarter 2022.

Under the careful guide of monument protection BLOC will retain all the beauty of the existing architecture while bringing this building well into the 21st century.


Perfectly located walking distance to the historic old town, the location is unmached for center city living.

Joliot-Curie-Platz 1A, 06108 Halle

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