With better management your assets return better yields, we stay ahead of all situations and effectively plan maintenance and associated costs. From purchase of the property, through to rentals and sales, our full-service team can take the stress out of your property ownership.

Consistent Communication

Be in the know

We understand that the provision of regular, clear reports on tenancies, rent collections and maintenance expenditures are crucial in giving you, the landlords, confidence.

Dedicated Rental Agents

No vacancies are our goal

A speedy turn-around between tenants is the key to keeping your returns as high as possible. By having our own in-house rental agents who know your properties well, we are streamlining the leasing process.

Rental Optimisation

Continue to increase returns

To ensure the best return on your investment we will constantly monitor the rental market and keep rents in line with market value.

In-House Hausmeister

Our own eyes and ears on the ground

By having our own, trusted Hausmeister, we can ensure all is well in your property – this is good for your building and for your tenants. Problems will be quickly identified and fixed in a timely manner before they are allowed to escalate.

Building Maintenance Plans

Keep ahead of utility breakdowns

Regular servicing of your building’s utilities is important to ensure their health and to avoid costly emergency call-out fees. We will help create a clear maintenance plan so that you, the landlord, can budget on-going maintenance costs accordingly.

Dedicated Sales Agents

It’s all in the deals

Should the time come that you wish to leave the property market, our in-house sales agents will act on your behalf to sell your property at the best possible price. With our large network of clients, both local and international, we are well placed to broker the deal.